What you'll get

  • Essential Information

    You've been diagnosed with coeliac/celiac disease or you need to follow a gluten free diet for other reasons. I've put all the critical information you need in one place, in easy bite-sized chunks.

  • Community

    You're not alone. There are millions of people who can help you and by joining my programme you'll be able to chat to others in a closed support group 24 hours a day. Of course, I'll be there too.

  • Confidence

    Changing your diet can knock your confidence. You might feel like you can't cook anymore or even go to the shops and buy food safely. I'll teach you everything you need to know to get yourself back up and running.

About Me

Vicki Montague

Founder, The Free From Fairy

At around the age of 18 I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It took many years for me to discover that wheat and gluten were causing many of my symptoms. Once I removed them from my diet my bloating significantly reduced and I was able to eat without pain. Fast forward to 2007 when my daughter was born. She entered the world screaming and didn't really stop until she was finally diagnosed with egg and milk protein allergies at the age of 9 months. Being a keen cook and scientist I leapt to the challenge of making food that we could all eat. Then in 2010, she was diagnosed with coeliac disease, a life long autoimmune condition that necessitates a strict gluten free diet. I never wanted her to miss out on anything. I made it my mission to create wholesome food that we would all enjoy together whilst bringing her up to be happy and healthy. I won't lie. It's been hard at times. Understanding what she could eat, how to prevent cross-contamination, how to read food labels, how to manage the kitchen and bake delicious treats...but I've never given up and I'm always learning. Now I'm ready to share everything I've learnt with you.

Programme curriculum

  • 1

    1. Welcome

    • 1.1 Welcome from me

    • 1.2 What we'll achieve

    • 1.3 Support - Facebook group & rules

    • Join the Facebook Community

    • 1.4 Navigating the portal

    • 1.5 Quick get started guide - introduction

    • 1.5.1 Quick get started guide - download

    • How to contact me

  • 2

    2. About Gluten

    • 2.1 Introduction

    • 2.2 What is gluten and where is it found?

    • 2.2.1 What is gluten and where is it found checklist - download

    • 2.3 What is coeliac/celiac disease and why does it matter?

    • 2.4 What is cross contamination and why does it matter?

    • Resources - Celiac/Coeliac Societies Around The World

  • 3

    3. What can I eat?

    • 3.1 Introduction

    • 3.2 Naturally gluten free foods

    • 3.2.1 Naturally gluten free grains and flours - download

    • 3.3 Alcohol and drinks

    • 3.4 Understanding food labels

    • 3.4.1 Food labels checklist - download

    • 3.5 Going shopping

    • 3.5.1 Meal planning document

    • 3.6 Tricky foods

    • Celiac/Coeliac society food directory links

    • Other reading - allergen labelling laws

  • 4

    4. Eating in

    • 4.1 Introduction

    • 4.2 Setting up your kitchen

    • 4.3 Avoiding cross contamination

    • 4.3.1 Avoiding cross contamination download

    • 4.4 Store cupboard essentials - a tour of my kitchen

    • 4.4.1 Store cupboard essentials - download sheet

    • 4.5 Cooking gluten free food

    • 4.5.1 Example meal plan - download

    • 4.6 Gluten Free Baking

    • 4.7 Eating on a budget

    • Further reading, resources & blogs

Course Reviews

5 star rating

Excellent and extremely informative

Jackie Cockerill

As above

As above

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5 star rating

Gluten Free Diet:Basics & Gluten Free Savoury Bakes

Carol Millington

I have been following Vicki on Free From Fairy for a couple of years now on Facebook. I was so delighted when I saw these courses that she was so generously offering. In Australia we don't have Free From Fairy GF flour so indeed it is very generou...

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I have been following Vicki on Free From Fairy for a couple of years now on Facebook. I was so delighted when I saw these courses that she was so generously offering. In Australia we don't have Free From Fairy GF flour so indeed it is very generous that Vicki is imparting her recipe to those living out of the UK. I bought and completed the Gluten Fre Diet Basics on the same day and then on Saturday I bought and completed the Savoury Bakes course all in one evening. So lovely to have Amelia baking along and showing how easy it is for the kids to make her recipes. ! Thank you for all your time and generosity in guiding us into delicious Gluten Free Cooking! These courses are well worth the effort to do and learn that really GF baking is not all that difficult once you know the basics and then to follow through with her delicious recipes. Thank you so much Vicki. X

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  • How long do I have access to the programme for?

    Once you buy the programme you have lifetime access. You will find that you revisit sections and resources in the course many times. If you are going on holiday you'll find the country specific resources useful to discover how do deal with your diet abroad.

  • I don't live in the UK...is the course material still relevant to me?

    Yes, I have designed the course so that no matter where you live you'll find it useful. There are specific country-related resources included and I've covered food labelling legislation for Australia, Canada, Europe, USA and New Zealand.

  • How much support will you give me?

    When you join the programme you will be given details of a closed Facebook group where I, and others on the course, will be available to help you. In addition to that there is a discussion section in the course where you can ask questions.

  • How do I pay for the course if I am in a country that doesn't use British pounds?

    When you go to pay for the course you will be charged the equivalent price in your own currency...this will happen automatically.

Money Back Guarantee

More confidence with your diet or your money back!

I'm so confident that my course will help you to confidently navigate the basics of a gluten free diet that I'm willing to give you your money back if you don't feel the same way. The only stipulation is that you complete the whole course and participate in the online support group.

What are you waiting for? Make your busy life easier by getting to grips with your gluten free diet today.

Get started now where ever you are in the world...